Summer 2017

splash buzz slurp squirt blow squeak splat and laughter. these are the sounds of summer. summer is my favorite season. i get to travel and there  is no school. this summer i am going to go to sleep away camp in the Czech republic , go swimming and go to France. 

i dont remember how many times i went to sleep away camp. my favorite thing to do is go in the pool. i have friends at sleep away camp. i don’t remember there names .  

i go swimming in the Czech republic. i like swimming because it is fun. i don’t swim in the winter because it is cold. 

i have been to France before. i get to go in the Eiffel tower. my friend Rebecca comes with me to France. 

the summer in 2017 is going to be hot 


the Lowell school

next year i am going to the Lowell school  in white stone park in flushing . it is a new school for me but i know stuff about the Lowell school because my brother goes there.

here is what i know :

  • it is a big school
  • goes to 12th grade
  • mean teachers and nice teachers
  • they give a lot of home work

here is what i want to know:

  • how many students are in the Lowell school?
  • what is the youngest grade?
  • do you have sport teams?
  • can i make a club?

Fifth Grade Graduation

Today was a BIG DAY AT SCHOOL!can you guess  what happened? … It was my graduation  from the  Parkside school on west 74.I am going to blog about three things. My favorite parts about today were my speech, getting my  diploma and taking pictures.    

I got to read my speech in front of the whole audience. my speech was about meeting new friends. I also talked about what was hard for me to find my way around the school. i used the mic and I was not nervous.

Getting my diploma was exciting. The two principals gave me my diploma. I didn’t say anything. 

I took pictures with my friends. I also took picture with the two principals. I can send pictures to my friends.


Things That I Love


Hi, my name is…JULIE  GELBART and I love dolphins, butterflies, and pools. My writing is going to be a blog about a girl who has hearing aids. That girl is ME!! I love to dance to the WATCH ME WHIP song. Also, I am good at gymnastics and being a good sister to my two brothers. Here are some things I will be writing about:

  1. mermaids
  2. dolphins
  3. american girl dolls
  4. Aretha franklin
  5. dr. Seuss
  6. petra Gelbart
  7. dad
  8. patrik
  9. cam Janson
  10. los Angeles